Tao Oracle and I Ching

 Tao Oracle and I Ching in an illuminated approach

The Tao Oracle and I Ching is a creation of Deva Padma who also painted the Osho Zen Tarot cards.One of the main themes of Tao is: How do we humans relate to the Greater Whole, the All and which changes Tao Oracle and I Chingin our lives can we discover? Tao Oracle and I Ching reflect wisdom about this question.

The surrounding world and cosmos are continually changing. And in fact, in our own lives change occurs continuously too. In this context it is about change through opposites, through yin and yang, for example: female and male, dark and light. People are happy when they recognize the appeal of change and smoothly go along with it. If we go against change, stagnation will be the result, which can manifest itself in psychological and physical symptoms. We ultimately don’t feel well in such kind of situations.
The cards of the Tao Oracle shed light on which connection we currently have to the Greater Whole, the All. Tao Oracle and I ChingYou can learn to interpret this beautiful painted cards in a meaningful way. This way you can receive hints about how to be on your own,to stick to your own needs. The Universe of which we ourselves are a part, provides us abundantly. Only: do we really see this and appreciate?

Tao Oracle and I Ching offer clues for Change

The wisdom of the I Ching gives clues about possible changes. To discern the changes we use the method of the I Ching: by flipping coins. This way a different pattern is created in the trigrams on the right side of the bottom of the card. From this new occurring trigrams we discover a new card of the Tao Oracle. That way we can determine the possible change that occurs.

Tao OracleThe Tao Oracle cards are 64 beautifully painted cards which represent the 64 faces of the Tao. All the 64 faces reflect aspects of our changing process and development. We can take benefit from the message by absorbing the message each card offers us. This results in a more joyful and more glorious existence.

In each card is a dynamic which is expressed by the trigrams and the hexagrams and also by symbolic which is easily recognizable. Nature with her elements like Wind, Mountain, lake expresses itself through the symbols and by the relationships between the elements. It fascinates very much how classic wisdom is revealed here in a new way.

The wisdom of the I Ching offers insights about which changes might be possible. The discovery of changes takes place by the classical method of the I Ching: by flipping coins.A new pattern in the trigrams will occur which are in the left corner at the bottom of each card. And from this changed pattern we reach to a a new card of the Tao Oracle set. This way we are able to conclude about the change this happens.

This explicitly is not about prediction, but in order to enhance understanding and awareness. We will see how we can harmonize our personal lives more and more in this basis. This is for the best of ourselves and of the people around us.

Program for the Tao Oracle and I Ching

The program for working with the Tao Oracle and I Ching consists of two workshops. Basic explanation is given and also we practice with the interpretation of the Tao Oracle cards and with flipping the coins to determine the possible change according to the I Ching.

A syllabus is available that includes the curriculum of both workshops. For actual course data you can consult the Agenda.

A certificate is awarded if both of the workshops are completed.

In the following film you can see how all of the Tao Oracle cards are projected while gorgeous meditative music is playing, together with nature sounds.