Osho Active Meditation

Meditation offers you the possibility to live more and more from your inside. Until now the outside dominated our Meditationlives: that’s the way we were conditioned. The outside however contains ideas which emanate from others. And happiness only arises when we live according to our own insight. Our own light guides us on the path we travel. Already Gautama Buddha has stated this: ‘Be a light upon yourself.’


Osho Active meditaties

The active meditations of Osho which became well-known in the years ’70 and ’80 of the past century are a true revolution.
Osho emphasizes the restlessness of especially the western man. He/she mostly is not able to sit quietly for a moment and to move deeply inside to the own core. That is why being active during the first stage of the meditation is really a ‘must’.
When you reinforce your own restless activity by intense breathing, like it happens in Osho Dynamic meditation, by special shaking movements, like it takes place in Osho Kundalini meditation or by more and more intensely dancing, like it happens in the Osho Nataraj meditation, you can let go off much easier because you become aware of it. You arrive at a deeper level in yourself and a state of more relaxation will arise. During the quiet stage of this meditation, which follows, you can go inside yourself much easier. You are no longer involved in what happens in the outside world and you follow your own hotchpotch of thoughts continuously. Nowadays people complain more and more that in this hectic society they cannot find rest and that their head is burdened so much that they become tired of themselves.
Most people are not able to just sit silently, because at that moment the actual disquiet is very sensible. The Osho active meditations are a very good response to the present turbulence of people and therefore they are a real revolution.
The first time you do these meditations you might not notice so much of a result, but when you continue toMeditation do the meditation with which you feel a ‘click’ during three weeks, you surely will discover changes. And these are not just superficial and temporary changes but profound changes.

In my book ‘Vieren als Levenskunst’ met meditatie-ideeën, in English: ‘Celebrating as a lifestyle’ with meditation suggestions, is described when you can apply meditations the best and which meditation is a good choice in a given situation. It is illustrated with varying and recognizable life situations. By practicing the meditations you gain insight in how to deal with these situations in a different way and how it will help you to get more from your life.


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