Tao Oracle and I Ching on line course

NEW: comfortably following the ‘Tao Oracle and I Ching on line course’ at home

Now it is possible to follow the Tao Oracle and I Ching On Line course. A whole scala of themes is discussed which you can absorb and digest in an uttermost relaxed way.
The lessons you will receive by e mail. In between the information questions are presented to check for yourself if you have got insight into the learning material. At the end of each lesson questions and instructions are offered which you can send in as homework so that you receive comment. Feedback is given to you and Tao Oracle and I Ching on line cursuspossible hints which you may use. After you finished the course a certificate is handed over to you.

The Tao Oracle, reflecting an illuminated contemporary approach of the I Ching is a beautiful instrument to apply. By the profound paintings, created by the painter of the Osho Zen Tarot: Deva Padma, specific aspects in you are being touched, in a conscious as well as in an unconscious way.
The Tao Oracle is a display of the “64 Faces of the Tao” and these all include a reflection on change. Furthermore the case is that in the Tao Oracle the I Ching is interwoven.
By these phenomena with the help of the classical method of the I Ching, especially attuned to the Tao Oracle, change tendencies may be discovered.
The Tao Oracle overall is an ultimate profound instrument which besides this contains much dynamics.
To learn applying this instrument you yourself may now do at home, at ease, and also digest the new insights which are revealed to you.

Subjects of the ‘Tao Oracle and I Ching on line course’

The Tao Oracle and I Ching on line course encompasses 8 lessons in which different aspeTao Oracle and I Ching on line coursects are explicated in an inspiring and enthousiastic way.
The subjects of the Tao Oracle and I Ching on Line course are the following:

◦ The Tao Oracle, an inspiring card set
◦ The I Ching, builded from the line patterns

◦ Practically working with the Tao Oracle
◦ Executing layouts, the Yin yang balance layout
◦ Colour in the Tao Oracle: the colour Yellow
◦ The effect of the colour Pink in the Tao Oracle
◦ Elements in the Tao Oracle and the I Ching, with a fascinating layout
◦ A closer look to relationships with the Tao Oracle and the I Ching

Tao Orakel en I Tjing online cursusEvery moment it is possible to start with the Tao Oracle and I Ching On line course.

Attached to the Tao Oracle and I Ching online course is a certificate.

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