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   NEW!!   E book “New Applications for the Osho Zen Tarot” is available NOW,

If you are interested, please contact:  This book offers a wealth of opportunities Home Englishfor different life- and coach situations. 24 worked out layout are presented: *Layouts for your personal development *Layouts for Coaching *Relationships layouts * Layouts for spiritual development. Next to this Zen insights and clarifying stories are breaded in the text. This delivers many insightful and pleasant hours to you while working with the Osho Zen Tarot.

My English Books and 4 Dutch Books

Five books have been published by me, four books in Dutch and 2 in English.

Because this is the English Ma Donna website, the English Book will be elaborately described. The other four books, the Dutch ones, will get also some attention.

English Book: Coaching with the Osho Zen Tarot

Many people are in the possession of the Osho Zen Tarot card deck. They have it available in their house, but they use it only occasionally.
However, there is much more to get from working with these cards for yourself and others, only if you know how to do so. And then it turns out that the deck is an excellent tool in coaching Bookspeople. This is explained in the following book that appeared a few years ago.

It is a book that unfolds the potential of the Osho Zen Tarot as a coaching tool and as a colorful method for self-development.

Topics in the book Coaching with the Osho Zen Tarot are these:

  • Posing a proper question
  • The bandwidth of cards
  • The choice of card layout and ways of interpreting them
  • Specific Osho Zen Tarot cards for coaching
  • Realizing yourself to a total human being
  • Crisis and Rebellion
  • Being in the world but not of the world
  • The vision of Zen in today’s world

These topics and more all come into the limelight. Anyone who has been touched by the Osho Zen Tarot cards may take advantage of the many suggestions that are given. The book contains 10 chapters and 104 pages. Various aspects of coaching with this card deck are discussed and also the contemporary of it is explained.
Furthermore, inter alia, the life stream of Zen and the importance of meditation are exposed. And to the meaning of ‘Coaching with the Osho Zen Tarot‘ in Booksour world and in our time, a separate chapter is dedicated.
The book has been created on the basis of giving many workshops and courses in working with the Osho Zen Tarot and at the request of students who loved to have available the suggestions in a book format.

Details of the Book

The book ‘Coaching with the oho Zen Tarot’ can be ordered via my e mail.

Price of the book is: 24,- euro

Postal costs will depend on the country it has to be sent. You can inform at me by mail.

Also the e book is available. It costs 18,- euro, obviously without any postal costs.

Easy Payment by Paypal is possible.

Recommendations for the book “Coaching with Osho Zen Tarot”:

● This book shows the possibilities of the Osho Zen Tarot as an instrument for coaching and as a colourful method for self-education. Topics as ‘posing a right question’, ‘the bandwidth of cards’, ‘the choice of a specific card layout and the way of interpretation’, ‘special cards in the context of coaching’, ‘the way to become a total human being’, ‘crisis and rebellion in this world’, ‘being in the world but not of the world’ come into the limelight. Everyone who has been touched by the Osho Zen Tarot cards can be illuminated by the many suggestions which are offered in the book.
PSC Magazine, source of information for professionals connected to the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gezondheidszorg and Adiona, platform for child coaching

● Your book ‘Coachen with the Osho Zen Tarot’ means much to me for my work and I recommend it to students and other people. Greetje Limbeek, Osho Zen Tarot teacher at Groningen

● Caught by the teachings of Osho about Zen, Deva padma painted her own edition of the tarot cards which she entitled: Osho Zen Tarot. They are intended to touch the inner of every human directly. Donna van der Steeg elaborates the application of these cards to a method of coaching. An important quality in this process is the right way of questioning. The right answers slowly are revealed on the basis of the card layouts.
De Koorddanser, spiritual magazine

● ‘Hello dear Donna, I really hope that I will be able to buy this book one day at Amazon!’
Elita Kazaine, coach and therapist at Riga, Letland

● Oh how super your book is, you red Buddha, congratulations! I am surely going to buy it 🙂
Sanne Wurzer, assistant manager and author

● ‘I often consult your book’. And doing so I discover: ‘Oh, you can also look into things like that’
Marjan van de Heijde, student

“New Applications for the Osho Zen Tarot”  English e book

This Second Osho Zen Tarot book is the natural follow up of Coaching with the Osho Zen Tarot.
It has thHome Englishis following content.
A pure and unambiguous questioning is important to get the most from your Osho Zen Tarot cards.
Moreover it is essential to choose the right layout.
This book ‘New applications of the Osho Zen Tarot’ (e book) offers a great treasure to apply in different life- and coach-situations.
Paramount is the work unto yourself, for the benefit of you personal development. Next to this specific layouts are worked out. So the actual content is:

  • layouts for individual questions and situations
  • layouts for coaching
  • layouts for relationships
  • layouts for your spiritual development

The layouts are, one after another, explained by the author and applied in day to day life. And in an harmonious way Zen insights and clarifying stories are integrated in the text. This way the full richness of the Osho Zen Tarot is revealed. The countless possibilities become visible and practically applicable. There will be many insightful and pleasant hours for you while working with the Osho Zen Tarot consulting this book.The book is a natural and valuable follow up of the book ‘Coaching with The Osho Zen Tarot’ in which the fundamentals of the Osho Zen Tarot are explained.

Also the e book is available. It costs 18,- euro, obviously without any postal costs.

* Easy Payment by Paypal is possible.    contact:

More Books by Donna van der Steeg m.a.

These books are only in Dutch at this moment. The possibility is there that 1 or more books will be translated in the future.

  • The Dutch Version of Coaching with the Osho Zen Tarot Workshops voor Professionals

  • Vieren als Levenskunst, met meditatie-ideeënBoeken

       ‘Celebrating as a lifestyle’ with meditation suggestions

People’s lives can be much more festive than it is now. Something seems to be missing that makes them substantially celebrating life. The inward orientation is necessary, because the real celebration happens from the inside.

This book ‘Celebrating as a lifestyle’ with meditation suggestions offers concrete opportunities to live more intensely, so that it really is a celebration. Insightful reflections are presented and stories, creating a new light on festivity in life. Through humorous incidents and practical examples suggestions are offered for this. In gray colored sections ideas for meditation are naturally inserted in the text. And also practical hints for awareness are described which are to apply directly. Awareness is an adventurous quest which should not be deadly serious, but indeed should be done in total sincerity.

Humor offers an excellent relaxation by which insights can penetrate in a deeper way. The book wants to be an incentive for people to make their lives much more festive than is currently the case. Being too easily satisfied at this point gives a life to a minimum ration while the maximum feasible. By moving into the adventure of the inner quest, you can discover how vast the inner world is and how meaningful. Without the need of unnecessarily abdicating something of the outside world, there arises a life of total intensity. And such a joy is also contagious to others.

  • Transformatie met speelse thema’sDonna's Consulten

        ‘Transformation with playful themes’

In this book, as the title says, transformation is central. It delivers a few basic insights in how to live your life in a new way. The process of continuous change which is a challenge for all of us, doesn’t need to be heavy, but may be playful once in a while too. Being light-hearted followed by relaxation just will enhance the process of transformation.
Theme’s like ‘How to be freed from the grip of non-happiness?’, ‘What is free in being licentious?’, ‘Coping with pain’, ‘The changing power of creativity’,‘Tears are extraordinary’, ‘Always make a brand-new and richer start‘ and more themes will put you on the right track of reconsidering your present insights and patterns.
Between the texts the description of humorous events and expressive illustrations emphasize the playful element. This way you will get the key for a more conscious, more authentic and consequently happier life.

The book consists of 20 chapters which are at random and apart from each other. Mostly you will read a part of the book and then close it. The content will stay with you…and do its work, until you pick up the book again.