Workshops voor Professionals

Workshops for Professionals

Psychosocial training in two Workshops for Professionals

For continuing your work as a coach, a therapist or a trainer and to rent your insights I offer two ‘Workshops for Professionals’ of one day each. Both are connected with one of my books, which contain a deepening of Workshops for Professionalsthe relevant theme’s. These books are also very great to have them available after the workshop, as a handbook.
The workshops consist of one day of study and practical experience and possibly my also result in study points.

First of the ‘Workshops for Professionals’

  • Coaching with de Osho Zen Tarot

By using this clear instrument, clients become aware of the patterns which mean a limitation in their life. Getting insight in these, will deliver a more conscious and a fulfilling way of living.
During this workshop day you will learn about the possibilities of the Osho Zen Tarot and how to apply this instrument in your own practice. Another possibility to master this method of coaching is by following e mail courses such as the e mail Basic course or e mail Follow up course.

Er is ook een mogelijkheid dat u zich deze methode van coachen via e-mail cursussen eigen maakt. Zie voor meer informatie: e mail Basic course of e mail Follow up course. Deze e mail cursussen kunnWorkshops voor Professionalsen mogelijk  studiepunten opleveren.

The book attached to this workshop:  Coaching with the Osho Zen Tarot

Price: €90,- including attached book, teaching materials en certificate.

For more information please connect me by e mail.

After successful completion of this Workshop for Professionals one receives a certificate

Check the Calendar to see when these Workshops for Professionals take place.

Second of the ‘Workshops for Professionals’

  • How do I give the best support to clients during their Transformation process?

Very appropriate instruments in this guidance are the Osho Active Meditations and The Osho Zen Tarot. Both the instruments are applied during this 2e on of the Workshops for Professionals.

Workshops for ProfessionalsThe benefit of meditation for clients has been proven since a long time. In the area of meditation the Osho active meditation takes a special place.
By getting active first, people are able to dive deeper into themselves more easily. The result is that one will deal with existing problems more thoroughly too. In every professional practice, the application of Osho active meditations is a very helpful method.
Clients learn to watch themselves very carefully and to relax on a deep level. During this workshop the functioning of active meditation will be explained and a few meditations will be practiced, for example:

  • Osho Kundalini meditation
  • Osho Mahamudra meditation
  • Yinyang balance meditation
  • Heart Chakra meditation.

As a therapist, a trainer or a coach you yourself will also experience the beneficial working of the Osho active meditations which you may use as a support for doing your daily work.Workshops for Professionals

The book attached to this workshop is: Meditation the First and the Last Freedom.

Price: €90,- including attached book, teaching materials en certificate.

For more information please connect me by e mail.

After successful completion of this Workshop for Professionals one receives a certificate.

Check the Calendar to see when these workshops take place.