Workshop Dreaming

Workshop Dromen met 2 aspecten

In the ‘Workshop Dreaming’ it handels about two aspects: getting conscious of your dreams and ‘realizing your dream’. Therefore the workshop Dreaming consists of two parts.

Aspect 1 of the workshop Dreaming: Getting Conscious of Dreams

In the first part, Getting Conscious of dreams, we will work with thee Dream disc. This is an instrument of Peter Mandel, foundWorkshop dromener of the Colorpuncture.

By applying the dream disc you become aware of your dreams. And next to this dreams can be stimulated. We need dreams to be able to digest what is happening in our life on a deep level.
Complementary to this, parts of the body will be shined on with coloured light from the light pen, according to the method of colourpuncture.
This happens according to those spots on which the dream disc is applied. Moreover the needs of the person are important, this is to say which colour you need and you feel as wholesome for you.
The effect of the total application is relaxation, a better balance and possibly the solution of discomforts too. The overall result is a stronger, bodily, awareness which ultimately offers more well being and greater happiness in life.

Aspect 2 of the Workshop Dreaming: How do we realize our dreams

In the second part of this workshop we will find out how we can realize the dreams in our lives. Without Workshop Dreamingdreams no new developments will arise. Meanwhile also old dreams which we didn’t make to come true may block us.By the method of the Osho Zen Tarot cards we see revealed how we can let go of old parts of our lives that don’t harmonize with us anymore. This way even more space and energy will be available to realize our present dreams.
And as far as these new dreams concern we investigate which steps there are to be taken to make them come true. It can also become clear which means we can use the best for this and if connecting with other people for this process will be advisable and which people to choose. The Osho Zen Tarot functions as a mirror for the unconscious en makes us aware of these hidden things.

De kosten voor deze workshop zijn €45,- .

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