Courses Osho Zen Tarot

Different options for practical working

Cursussen Osho Zen TarotThere are several ways for learning to work with the Osho Zen Tarot deck by following courses. There is a Basic course and there are 2 Follow up courses.
The courses can be followed live or by e mail. The live Osho Zen Tarot courses take place on several locations in The Netherlands, like The Hague or Groningen.
For the e mail courses Osho Zen Tarot I take care of a smooth and adequate homework guidance. At the end of each lesson  homework assignments are presented. These are worked out by the course taker and soon he/she will receive feedback from me. Also it is possible to receive some extra explanation and hints by e mails, telephone or Skype.

Courses Osho Zen Tarot on different locations

Next to these courses regularly short workshops are offered. Sometimes they take place during special events like the yearly Osho Festival in the Netherlands. I offer mini consults too on these special occasions for which the participants can sign up in advance.

Courses Osho Zen TarotAn overview of the data of the all the Osho Zen Tarot courses you can find in the Agenda.

For more explanation and connection you are free to send me an e mail.

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Courses Osho Zen Tarot

The divers Osho Zen Tarot courses take place in The Hague and Groningen. When you invite me, I also will travel to other locations in the Netherlands to offer workshops or courses. Please connect me for this by e mail.